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Posted by Jo-Ann Forster Group on Thursday, November 19th, 2015 at 3:38pm.

Preparing your home to sell can be a very challenging and stressful experience. There is so much to think about in researching and deciding on the right agent, timing, pricing, and thinking of your next move. Then comes the big challenge! How do you get your house ready to show to buyers, agents, and look great in high-resolution photography? We know how to detail our cars to sell, how to look our best on a first date or important meeting, but what about how to stage our homes to maximize the hard earned equity we are counting on?

When you place your house on the market with well thought out and experienced staging, you immediately give your property a major boost and advantage. You will attract more buyers and agents, obtain a quicker sale, and staged homes sell for an average of 7% more money than un-staged homes. Approximately 92% of prospective buyers “shop” online before deciding which properties to view, and great staging and the best professional photography are important steps to your financial success.




Representing a Seller is a very important responsibility. I take every aspect of the process very seriously. From my Mother I was given a love of design, art and architecture. I began in my 20’s collecting what is now a storage center of accessories, props, and pieces that I use to stage my listings that could benefit from some refreshing. I use the seller’s own furniture and my team and I work together with the Seller’s to make magic! It is sincerely a joy to see how they react when they view the big reveal. It’s my own little HGTV!

I was just named by the Wall Street Jopurnal in the Top 250 Agents ranked by volume.  Marketing, experience and knowledge were a big help in earning this award, and I absolutely know compelling staging was a large part of getting the best prices for my Sellers.

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if you are interested in knowing more about staging, buying, selling or renting.

Here are a couple of my recent staging testimonials. Happy to share more!

“My property was placed on the market last October, a daunting and emotional task. Fortunately, Jo-Ann Forster was my realtor and helped me prepare for photos and open houses by staging my house.  Jo-Ann has an immense amount of experience in knowing what attracts prospective buyers. In addition, she is creative and artistic and has an eye for design and spatial dimensions.  She came to my condo in the Grove with her car filled with “props” and in an afternoon of rearranging furniture, culling clutter and incorporating her artifacts, she transformed my condo into a showcase. In fact, my condo had such an uplift I began to think that maybe I should just stay :).  The whole process was painless and fun, and I came away from the experience in awe of Jo-Ann’s marketing skills.  I can see why she is one of the top salespeople in the country!”


It was as if you waved a magic wand and turned our house from a cluttered assemblage into a photo-shoot for Architectural Digest.  And, you did this with remarkable grace.

One piece shifted here, another there, and the volume of the great room seemed to double.

We thought we had a wow factor before.  Now, it's a WOW factor.

-Thank you"


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